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Supply your Body with Necessary Chemicals

If your body is missing some essential substances or chemicals, you may have an increased appetite for certain products or meals. Here we will analyze the correlation between the increase petite of a person and the lack of a certain mineral or vitamin in the human body. Appetite for: Chocolate Lack of: Magnesium Source: nuts, seeds, fruits, pulses and legumes. Appetite for: Bread Lack of: Nitrogen Source: foods high in protein (fish, meat, nuts). Appetite for: Sweets Lack of: Glucose Source: honey, sweet berries, vegetables and fruits. Appetite for: fatty foods Lack of: calcium Source: broccoli, pulses and legumes, cheese, sesame Appetite for: cheese Lack of: calcium and phosphorus Source: broccoli, milk, cheese Appetite for: smoked Lack of: cholesterol Source: avocado, red fish, nuts, olives. Appetite for: sour Lack of: Vitamin C Source: lemon, cranberry, kiwi, strawberry, rose, brussels sprouts, and others.