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Milk Proteins Contribute To Growth In Children

Milk has nutrients that promote growth in children, including whey protein, casein protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that whey and casein stimulated growth by diverse mechanisms. Whey protein increased blood insulin, which is an significant hormone for moving amino acids into cells and stimulating protein synthesis. Casein increases insulin-like growth factor , which is a potent growth-promoting hormone that affects tissues all over the body. The study examined the effects of modified milk products that were high in whey or casein and had high or low quantities of milk minerals. Whey and casein in milk increase growth-promoting hormones, while milk minerals have no effect on anabolic hormones.

Mood-Boosting Food

Milk. Your brain needs an amino acid called tryptophan in order to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has happy-making and calming action. It works by conserving the brain's serotonin. Dairy foods are a great low-fat source of tryptophan, but you can also find it from poultry and nuts, especially peanuts . Turkey. Turkey is high in phenylalanine, an amino acid which the brain converts to dopamine. Dopamine elevates mood and motivation and prevents depression. A recent study demonstrated that phenylalanine was as effective as an antidepressant drug. As well as turkey, phenylalanine is found in majority of protein foods. Liver. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin B6 , which you need to convert the phenylalanine from the protein you eat to mood-enhancing dopamine and adrenaline. If you don't get enough vitamin B6, you'll probably feel down and your stress levels will increase. You can also get the amount of vitamin B6 from brown rice or other whole grai

Jelly Beans for Performance

The Jelly beans have the property to give you the extra juice you need to guarantee for a better body. Researchers at the UC Davis Sports Medicine Program in the US tested the effects of water, sports drinks, carbohydrate gels and jelly beans on cyclists over a distance of 10km and found that those fueled on the colorful confectionery were not only 38 seconds faster but recorded the highest overall power output. The specialists advise half a 25g packet per 20 minutes of exercise . These jelly beans are quite comfortable to consume and have a nice flavor.

Warming Up Tips

If before workout you fail to warm up, you are risking injury. You need to get the blood flow started and to loosen your muscles. There are a few recommended practice lifts with almost no weight. Here are some tips to warm up the muscles : Pecs/Triceps- Do a few benches with just the bar, and also a few cable pressdowns with about10pds. Biceps- Do a few curls with just the bar, then add 30pds and warm up with that. Legs- Do some light squats with just the bar and some light squats. Upper back- Do some light lat pulldowns to stretch your lats.  Many bodybuilders and athletes, when warming up, increase gradually the weight up. For example, for the bench press they warm up with just the bar, then 145, then 180, then 200, and then begin their real sets. While there is nothing really wrong with this many elite bodybuilders avoid these types of warm-ups because you’re expending energy that could be used for lifting. It is better to keep the warm-ups sweet and simple. Stretch

David Beckham's Fitness Workout

An interesting and original workout approach of the famous soccer player David Beckham: Week one 5-minute run intervals Intensity 85% maximum heart rate Rest 4 minutes Sets 3 Week two 2-minute run intervals Intensity 90% maximum heart rate Rest 2 minutes Sets 7 Week three 1-minute run intervals Intensity 95% maximum heart rate Rest 1 minute Sets 15 Week four Sprint 60m, turn around & sprint back Intensity 20 seconds out, 20 seconds back Rest 1 minute Sets 8-10 Week five 60m sprints Intensity 100% maximum heart rate Rest 10 seconds Sets 8-10

Alcohol Can Improve Brain Function

According to several recent studies alcohol seem to be good for the brain. Even if the immediate effects of alcohol may be the opposite, in the long term researchers found it actually improves mental function .The effects of wine’s polyphenols on cognition are well known, but a new research has looked at the impact of alcohol itself. It reduces hardening of the arteries , thickening of the blood and inflammation, which will improve blood flow to your brain. However the timing and dosage is of major importance. Don’t drink 5 pints before business meeting :)

Healing Properties of Fruits: Fig

Fig has neutral thermal nature, it is a fruit with sweet flavor. As a healer it influences the stomach and spleen-pancreas and moistens the lungs and large intestine. Fig has detoxifying action and is used for skin discharges and boils . It is one of the most alkalizing foods, it balances acidic conditions that result from a diet rich in meat and refined food. For dry cough , signs of lung heat, asthma, or sore throat, drink a cup of the water and eat 1-2 figs from a lightly cooked fig soup several times a day. The high mucin content of figs makes them a soothing laxativ e for treating constipation, especially the "fluid deficiency" type. Figs also clean the intestines and treat dysentery and hemorrhoids. Milk from the unripe fruit applied twice daily straight to warts helps to remove them. For toothaches, fresh fig can be rubbed into the gums for healing effect.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is often promoted as having the ability to even out blood sugar levels while enhancing the body's fat burning . Some studies have shown that adding chromium to a person's diet may help to normalize sugar levels in diabetics, but not in everyone. It is an ideal supplement for more mature adults, as the body absorbs less chromium as we age. Chromium picolinate may also be helpful in suppressing appetites and cravings. Additionally, it has been shown to build muscle and trim fat simultaneously. If taken with exercise and as part of a calorie-controlled diet, the results can be noticeable. Dosage should not exceed 1,200 mcg per day, as this may result in liver and kidney problems. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid chromium picolinate.

Calves Training

Calves are unlike most other body parts- this part seem to thrive on high volume workouts . This is why it is recommended to keep the reps at a high level. It is because they’re used every day when we walk, so you really have to work with them in order for them to grow. A lot of people feel that by angling their feet differently they can act on the different muscles in the calves. It can be effective, but is certainly not the best way. The best method is to change your stance- rotate between using a wide and a narrow stance. A narrow stance stresses the outer head of the calf; a wider stance places more force on the inner calf. Main Exercises: Standing calf-raises: Great way to work the calves. Change the rep routine around constantly. Donkey raises : An old and efficient exercise. Calf-machine: An alternative to donkey raises

5 Methods to Rejuvenate your Heart

Persons with low HDL-cholesterol levels can have three times greater risk of heart disease. The key to increase HDL levels with routine changes is to respect the following strategies of living: Drink Beer . Perhaps it is not the best for your abs, but it certainly has its benefits. Dutch researchers found that men who drank two pints a day increased their HDL levels by 7% after 10 days, and by 12% after three weeks. And this effect has been noticed over and over again. Use Calcium Supplements. The stronger your bones are, the stronger is your heart. People who took a daily 1,000-mg calcium supplement had a 7% rise in HDL levels, according to several studies. Calcium interferes with assimilation of fat from the diet and decreases fat mass in the body, both of which may help increase HDL. Do Squats Exercises . A research studied the impact of weight training on older men and its was proved that men who did lower-body work – squats , leg extensions, leg presses – twice a wee

Healing Properties of Fruits: Cherry

Cherries are fruits with warming thermal nature. They have sweet flavor, increase energy , tonifie the spleen-pancreas, and prevent involuntary seminal emission. Cherries are a well-known remedy for gout, arthritis, and rheumatism. They also help defeat numbness in the limbs and paralysis as a result of rheumatism. Part of their action in rheumatic disorders occurs from their aptitude to eliminate the surplus of body acids. Cherries are most beneficial for treating disorders accompanied by coldness , such as the feeling of perennially cold. Richly supplied in iron , cherries are frequently used to improve the blood quality and treat anemia.

Brush Your Teeth to Beat Heart Disease

It is a fact that keeping up with your day by day dental hygiene helps you avoid heart attacks. The links between gum disease and heart problems have been getting a brush up recently, and now it’s been proved. Cleaning your teeth twice a day reduces your risk by 70%. Poor oral hygiene increases bacteria that causes soreness in the body responsible for pump disease . So avoid heart problems and develop a Hollywood grin with just two brushes a day and you will have a pretty and healthy smile.