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Common Signs of Heat Stroke

According to MedicineNet in "Definition of Heat Stroke," heat stroke occurs when the body's core temperature rises above 104°F (40°C) and is accompanied by hot, dry skin and central nervous system abnormalities such as delirium, convulsions or coma. Since heat stroke is a life-threatening condition, it is important to watch people for heat stroke symptoms. MedicineNet states that heat stroke that results from exposure to high environmental temperatures is termed nonexertional heat stroke, and heat stroke that results from strenuous exercise is called exertional heat stroke. Regardless of the type of heat stroke a person experiences, heat stroke signs are life-threatening, and immediate medical attention is necessary when heat stroke symptoms begin. When the body cannot control its temperature, heat stroke occurs because the sweating mechanism fails. The body is not able to cool down. Body temperature can rise to 106°F (41.1°C) or higher within a few minutes. Hea

Triclosan Study by FDA

A ubiquitous ingredient in many common household products is being scrutinized by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) and the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ). The ingredient, triclosan, is a man-made, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that is frequently found in antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, toothpastes and mouthwashes, deodorants and first aid products. It is also used as a material preservative in products not regulated by the FDA such as plastic kitchen equipment, clothes, and toys. The FDA has announced that the chemical will undergo further review to evaluate its safety and to see if the chemical poses not just a threat to animal health, as recent studies show, but also a threat to human health. Triclosan may also pose environmental and ecological risks. Triclosan: Possible Risks There are several risks associated with triclosan that are being reviewed by both the FDA and the EPA, who plan to issue results of their study in the spring of 2011. First, anim

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Basic Facts

It is not unusual or abnormal to have worries in life about problems regarding family, employment, school and health to a reasonable degree but when worry crosses over the line and becomes obsessive and chronic, it becomes an anxiety disorder. GAD is the term for this type of anxiety but treatments are available for those who are diagnosed with it. Symptoms and Manifestations of GAD People, who experience GAD , will have chronic excessive worry for at least six months, to meet the diagnostic criteria as described by the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health. The worry will often keep them from getting proper rest and sleep, due to the continued troubling or racing thoughts that they find very difficult not to entertain and to ponder repeatedly in their minds. People with GAD often feel they are experiencing a nervous breakdown. GAD patients often worry about things such as contracting a terminal illness or that it might happen to one of their loved ones or that a tragic e

FDA Warns Against Zicam Swabs

Zicam is a popular all natural cold remedy that can shorten the length of the cold and flu symptom period with the use of Zinc . It is this homeopathic natural base that has been such a good selling point among consumers, especially those trying to cut their use of non natural and chemical consumption. Even though their website makes one believe that they are FDA approved, in reality they have never been officially approved as they are homeopathic and did not need FDA approval to begin being marketed and sold. Zicam Receives Official Warning Tuesday, June 16, 2009 the FDA came out with a warning against the Zicam cold and flu remedy, especially the nasal gel and the nasal swabs. There have been 130 consumer complaints that after using the Zicam nasal swab and gel products they lost their sense of smell. Scientists say this is traceable back to the zinc in the gel that is used to cut the cold symptoms length of time. The FDA gave the makers of Zicam nasal gel and nasal swa

Global Warming Increases Heart Disease Say Researchers

Heatwaves during 2003 in England and France swelled the numbers of those with heart conditions. In France 11,000 people died in the first half of August in that year when the temperature peered over 40C. Many deaths occurred from cardiac problems relating to heart ailments other than a heart attack. Record temperatures in the UK also led to an extra 2,000 deaths, and experts predict heart mortality rates will increase as the effects of global warming worsen. Researchers Say Action on Greenhouse Gasses Will Improve Health An accompanying editorial, written by Dr Paola Michelozzi and Manuela De Sario of the Lazio Region Department of Epidemiology in Rome, said that health problems associated with heatwaves would outweigh any health benefits from global warming. They also said that action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by lifestyle choices would improve health. For example saturated fat consumption would be lowered if diets included fewer animal products that lead to gree

Get Relief from Bunions: Non-Surgical Treatment for Bunions

Before opting for bunion foot surgery , try non-surgical bunion treatments and methods such as wearing sensible, well-fitting shoes, using padding or orthotics to protect the foot and take the pressure off the bunion or taking medication for pain and inflammation. Early treatment works best. Delaying bunion treatment increases the risk of developing joint deformities that require bunion removal surgery. For Preventing and Treating Bunions, Wear Low Heel, Better Fitting Shoes The Consumer's Report on Health and the Mayo Clinic emphasize the importance of not wearing ill-fitting high heel shoes. Flat, good-fitting shoes help decrease the chances of bunions worsening, while relieving the pain and pressure of existing ones. The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society has developed a ten-point list for choosing good shoes, some of which are detailed below: Go shoe shopping late in day when your feet are at their widest. Most people have one foot that is bigger. Fit y

Health, Happiness, and Intelligence Comes With Tending a Garden

Before more people join the urban and suburban gardening movement, a warning should go out that growing fresh vegetables and herbs, lovely flowers and shrubs, and gaining a sense of accomplishment are not the only favorable returns. Improved physical and mental health from the exercise and increased brain neuron growth stimulated by bacteria in the soil are also possible. Gardening Relieves Stress and Anxiety Attack Symptoms Anxiety affects both the brain and the body. Muscle weakness, fatigue, headaches, and other ailments often accompany anxiety attacks. Irritability, restlessness, nightmares, and insomnia are some of the mental manifestations. An online article by Mayo Clinic staff titled: "Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms" details the benefits exercise can have on easing anxiety attacks. ". . . Research on anxiety, depression and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help reduce anxiety and improve m

Good and Bad Cholesterol

HDL and LDL levels show up on what the doctor calls a lipid panel. Then the total cholesteral level is known by adding the two together. HDL is considered "good" cholesterol and LDL is considered "bad" cholesterol. Understanding what the good and bad cholesterol does and how to increase the good and decrease the bad is the first step to regulating cholesterol levels. The Bad Cholesterol LDL is known to settle in the walls of arteries and heart tissue which causes clogging. The reduced blood flow makes the heart work more, and can lead to a heart attack. LDL levels of 100 milligrams per deciliter or below is optimal. When LDL gets above 120 milligrams per deciliters, doctors start to worry and suggest diet and exercise changes. The best practice is to keep the LDL values as low as possible. What Else Does LDL Do? It has been discovered that LDL inhibits the rate of fat breakdown in the body. Thus LDL levels that are high can discourage the body from losin