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How To Break Any Addiction

No matter the addiction -- drugs, gambling, shopping, smoking, alcohol or more -- people who want to kick their habit this year might find help in a new Harvard University publication. “ Overcoming Addiction: Paths toward recovery ” offers guidance for breaking unwanted addictive habits. The advice applies universally, because what all addictions have in common, the Harvard experts say, is the way the brain responds to pleasurable experiences. Five Simple Steps to Breaking the Addiction To break the additive behavior and patterns, researchers at Harvard University recommend the following steps to increase the chances of success: Seek help and create a support network -- get input, advice and support from peers as well as professionals. Start with a doctor or a community mental health center for advice, a plan and -- if necessary -- medication to help with the break. Ask family, friends and co-workers for encouragement and backup. Set a quit date -- some people find it he

Impact of Winter Colds on Production

The United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “Extreme Cold” guide offers several steps that adults and children can take to prevent themselves from getting sick during winter months. An early step toward avoiding catching a cold, swine flu or other general weather related sickness is to maintain an adequate body temperature. Winter Warmth Staves Off Flu and Colds Prior to winter, home owners should check their heating systems to make certain that they are functioning properly. General maintenance for some heating systems will require no more than changing the filter on a regular basis. Check to be sure that windows are properly insulated. Make sure that hot water heating system circulating pumps are adequately lubricated. Radiators and vents should be free of debris so that warm air will easily circulate throughout the home. Many of these general maintenance steps can be performed over the course of one to two days. Peopl

Identifying Symptoms of Yeast Infections and Their Causes

Symptoms of yeast infections, also called candida infections, can occur throughout the body systemically, wrecking havoc with bodily systems and causing numerous problems. Candida is an organism found naturally in the body, which under ordinary circumstances does not cause problems. Overgrowth may occur due to a weakened immune system or after taking antibiotics or a round of cortico-steroids . Those with AIDS or other immuno-compromised conditions are at greatest risk for developing a serious yeast infection. It is important to learn how to recognize symptoms of yeast infections so treatment can be started immediately. Early Symptoms of Yeast Infections Early symptoms of the majority of candida yeast infections often appear when candida colonies in the bowel become unbalanced due to the presence of antibiotics. Some of these yeast infection symptoms include itching, discharge, migraine headaches, stiffness in shoulders, fibromyalgia-like muscle and joint pain, cramping and muc

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Tonight

“Getting hit with insomnia is a lot like having your heart broken,” write Doctors Paul Glovinsky and Arthur Spielman in The Insomnia Answer . “You feel betrayed and sapped of vitality; what used to flow naturally and effortlessly is now agonizing.” There’s no real secret to a great night’s sleep, they say, but cultivating good habits will have you catching zzzs in no time. Get Up Sound counterproductive? Sleeping until noon because you’ve tossed and turned all night might feel good in the moment, but you’ll be paying for it later. Set at alarm and get up at the same time every day, you’ll soon train your body onto a more regular schedule. This goes for naps too: zonking out on the couch after work will do you no favours come midnight. Go Easy on the Chemicals Insomnia isn’t a disease; it’s a symptom. Don’t dream that a sleeping pill will somehow fix the problem—though it may work for a short time, you risk long-term chemical dependency. Instead of putting more things in your

How to Check an Oral Temperature

Measuring body temperature can often give helpful data regarding a person’s health status. Taking a temperature orally is one of the most common ways to check a temperature, but it is important to ensure that checking a temperature under the tongue is performed accurately and safely in order for the data to be useful and to prevent injury. When Should an Oral Temperature be Taken? Checking an oral temperature can be convenient, quicker, and less invasive than routes such as the rectal route, but there are certain circumstances in which an oral temperature should not be taken. If the oral route should be avoided, select a different route if needing to acquire the data immediately. Avoid measuring body temperature under the tongue if the person is : under the age of six experiencing chills or rigors or if her teeth are chattering bleeding orally or has pain and/or sores in the mouth recovering from recent surgery in the mouth receiving oxygen via a mask cannot breathe or is

How to Quit Smoking Now

According to the American Cancer Society , smoking cigarettes increases a person’s chance of having a heart attack, getting lung disease, and getting cancer. The best way to reduce these risks is to stop the habit of smoking. To quit this powerful addiction, a person needs to have a solid plan and dependable support system. Set a Date to Quit Smoking The first step in kicking this habit is setting a specific date. For example, a person should not say that he is going to stop in the winter. Instead it should be a specific date such as November 21, 2009. If someone is not yet motivated to quit smoking, he should talk to friends, family members, or a licensed mental health professional. Even though smoking is bad for people’s health, there are psychological reasons that people do it. Maybe it helps a person to relax or makes the person feel more social. If a person is not ready to quit, she needs to examine those reasons and how it might conflict with other goals such as being abl

How To Find Free, Cheap Drugs

Drug prescription costs can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have health insurance or prescription coverage. Fortunately, there are some options for people who meet certain requirements. Some of these options are offered by large retailers, while others are available through organizations or pharmaceutical companies themselves. Retailers Offer Low-Cost Prescriptions Some of the largest retailers now offer substantial discounts on 30- to 90-day supplies of prescriptions drugs. Here is a partial list: WalMart offers a $4 Prescriptions Program with up to a 30-day supply of more than 350 prescription drugs for $4 and 1,000 over-the-counter medications for $4 or less. In some cases, you can get a 90-day supply for $10. You may apply for this program even if you have health insurance. The offer also applies to Neighborhood Market and Sam’s Club. Target has a program that is similar to WalMart’s: $4 for up to a 30-day supply and $10 for up to 90 days. Food City, Giant Eagl