Super Immunity Foods to Improve Glandular Conditions

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The role of the glandular or lymphatic system of the body is primarily to help get rid of toxins and cleanse the body of debris, while lymph nodes carry cells used to fight infection. Other organs identified as being part of the lymphatic system, include the tonsils, spleen and thymus.

Understanding Glandular (Lymphatic) Conditions

There are a range of different health conditions which are associated as linked with problems in the glandular centre or lymphatic system, such as some forms of cancer. In Super Immunity Foods, Goulart (2009) highlights glandular conditions, to include the following:
  • hypothyroid disorder
  • hyperthyroid disorder
  • adrenal disorders
  • obesity
  • breast cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • osteoporosis
  • infertility
  • diabetes
  • bacterial infections
  • viral infection
Health conditions relating to the glandular or lymphatic system, which are particularly relevant today, include obesity and diabetes. Both diabetes type 2 and obesity are recognised as being linked, with many obese patients recognised as suffering from the former. Osteoporosis and infertility may also go hand in hand, in chronic, enduring cases of the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa.

Super Immunity Foods to Improve Glandular Conditions

In addition to mainstream approaches to treating various forms of glandular-related health conditions, there are a range of "super immunity foods" available. Goulart (2009) recommends super immunity foods which may be used to help improve those affected by glandular conditions, as follows:
  • carrots – liver-cleansing, detoxifying
  • citrus fruits – contain cancer-fighting lycopene
  • green foods – cleanse the body
  • sea vegetables – detoxify body and fight cancer
  • nuts and seeds – help fight cancer, boost immunity
  • apples – helps rejuvenate intestinal tract, fight cancer
Further ways to help improve glandular conditions, such as thyroid problems, identified by Brewer (2010) in The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements, include:
  • valerian (calming herb)
  • Siberian/Korean ginseng
  • kelp
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • vitamin B12
  • multivitamin and mineral supplement
However, it is important to always seek medical advice when suffering from symptoms associated with glandular or lymphatic system disorders. The family doctor will also be able to provide a referral to a specialised nutritionist who can offer advice on super immunity foods and benefits (as well as side-effects) of taking nutritional or herbal supplements.

As highlighted above, common health conditions affecting the glandular or lymphatic system, include osteoporosis, obesity, thyroid problems, diabetes and infertility. Super immunity foods helpful in terms of treating and/or preventing these conditions, involve eating plenty of carrots, citrus fruits, green foods, nuts and seeds, while health supplements, include vitamin B12, valerian, ginseng and multivitamins.

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