Machines to Avoid During Workout Programs

workout machines
Workout programs can be great for a person's health and body, but they can also cause damage if they are done incorrectly. There are machines at the gym the can damage joints and muscles, and these machines should not be used by the average person during workout programs.

The Seated Rotation Machine Can Damage the Back

seated rotation machine
Avoid using the seated rotation machine during a fitness routine. This machine puts a lot of stress on the back and does nothing to reduce love handles, it can be a waste of time to include this in a fitness routine.

The seated rotation machine will work the muscles in the sides of the lower stomach, but there is a popular misconception that this machine will help get rid of love handles and it will not. If someone wants to get rid of their love handles they need to do a cardiovascular workout such as the stair climber so that they burn more calories, which is the only way for a person to lose weight.

Stay Away From the Seated Leg Extension

seated leg extension machine
The seated leg extension machine puts a lot of stress on a person's knees, and as someone ages it can create problems in their knees, do not make this a part of a fitness routine.

Instead of using this machine do squats with free weights, performing these exercises will give the same benefits to the body without the potential damage to the knees. This is especially true for older people who are working out, as people age the knees are not as strong as they used to be an are more susceptible to injury.


The Chest Fly Machine Can Injure the Shoulders

chest fly machine
Do not use the chest fly machine during gym workouts. The chest fly machine can be very hard on a person's shoulders and can cause serious damage. Instead of using the chest fly machine do push ups instead.

Push ups work many of the same muscles without the strain to the shoulders and are a helpful part of any fitness routine. There are many push up systems on the market today that isolate and challenge the muscles more than traditional push ups, these are an excellent choice for getting a great upper body workout and reducing the potential for injury.

Safe Exercise Routines

By avoiding the seated rotation machine, the seated leg extension machine, and the chest fly machine people can reduce the risk of injury during their workout programs. There is always several options for working out a set of muscles. A personal trainer or fitness professional can educate people on the safest methods to work out a particular muscle group at the gym.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide a fitness routine without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.


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