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Home Remedies for Removing Dark Spots

Dark spots on the skin, also called liver or age spots, usually appear on areas of the body that have the most sun exposure, like the face, arms and trunk. You may begin seeing dark spots at age 40, but they can occur earlier. Age spots are harmless, according to the Mayo Clinic, and don’t need treatment. But some people choose to have them lightened for cosmetic reasons. The best way to prevent dark spots is by minimizing sun exposure.

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Some sunscreens are infused with a host of ingredients that can lighten lighten liver spots and freckles. Hydroquinone is an organic compound that reduces melanin in the skin. Applying a sunscreen with hydroquinone to dark spots can lighten pigment. For all over freckling or several dark spots, applying the sunscreen all over provides a better chance of fading skin evenly. SkinTx: Sunbalance is an example of one product that contains four percent hydroquinone.

Vitamin C is also known to lighten pigment. An article published in 2006 in the journal "Phytotherapy Research" indicates that vitamin C "has been tested extensively and is reported to inhibit the production of melanin." The Naked Bee produces a sunscreen enriched with vitamin C.

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most commonly used acne medications. It's also known for it's bleaching properties. Considering that 20 percent of American adults have acne, according to the Acne Resource Center, it's likely that most homes have a benzoyl peroxide gel or wash in the bathroom medicine cabinet. The downside is that benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that causes acne, it dries skin and can be irritating. So it's best to use this product on dark spots for people who already have an oily complexion.

Because skin lightening is so popular, cosmetic companies are infusing soaps and washes with ingredients known to eliminate dark spots. You may already have a shower cleanser that contains additives for moisturizing and vitamins to enrich the health your skin. If these ingredients happen to be kojic acid, L-glutathione or glycolic acid, by increasing the application, you could lighten dark spots faster. Not only does it take several weeks before you will notice an improvement, but it's recommended to use these mild skin lighteners two or three times a day to get better results. SkinWhite and SW+SS are two bar soaps that are enriched with compounds that fade pigment.

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