How to Avoid Stress-related Migraines

stress related migraines

Trying to find the cause for a migraine headache is often hard. There are several factors that can trigger a migraine such as eating certain foods as aged cheese, wine or nuts. One of the main causes of migraine headaches is stress, so it makes sense to develop ways to control stress for reducing the likelihood of a migraine headache.

Often migraine sufferers are significantly affected by stress. Certain types of chemicals in the brain are released during stress. These chemicals are designed to fight whatever the stressful situation is and are known as the “flight or fight” response, according to Web When these chemicals are released, sometimes blood vessel changes can result in migraine pain.

Causes of Stress that Causes Migraines

There are many causes of stress that can result in migraine pain. For example, some the most common triggers for migraine stress are life-changing events such as getting married or divorce. Having a baby is another major life change causing stress leading to migraines. Moving to a new residence is another major stressor for many migraine sufferers. Just traveling to a new environment can cause enough stress to produce a migraine. Sometimes people who are fearful of flying can easily develop a migraine headache before boarding their flight.

Stress related to work or taking care of children, full time as a stay-at-home mom, can also cause migraine headaches. Women who juggle both a career and motherhood and especially single mothers are can be candidates for migraines.

Migraine stressors can be due to bad health habits such as overeating, excessive drinking or smoking. Withdrawing from family and friends can also cause stress, leading to migraines.

Identifying Migraine Stressors

Although stress can’t be totally eliminated, migraine sufferers can take certain steps to reduce their overall stress levels.

First, it’s important to identify the stressor. Sometimes, this is difficult because the true sources aren’t always obvious. For example, a stressed person may be continually worried about meeting deadlines, but not realize it’s actually his procrastination habit that causes the stress rather than an actual deadline. Identifying a source of stress involves carefully examining bad habits, as well as excuses and attitudes.

Developing Healthy Habits for Lowering Stress

Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet is part of reducing stress. Besides a eating the right foods, sometimes people are deficient in important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, which has been linked to migraine headaches. It’s also important to get regular physical examinations, along with blood tests to determine any problems of vitamin deficiencies.

  • Getting regular physical exercise helps reduce stress.
  • Practice relaxation techniques. Often stressed people never take time to just be by themselves, doing nothing. Prayer and meditation are excellent ways to help lower stress.
  • Getting adequate sleep helps lower stress. This may mean going to bed earlier.
  • Keeping a stress journal can help with identifying regular life stressors. Besides recording stressors, it also helps to note ways that the stress was handled.

Finally, it’s critical to take responsibility for any part played in producing stress, besides maintaining a less stressful life. Those who continue to blame others for their stressful lives without taking any role themselves will continue to be stressed and fail to find relief from migraine headaches. The sooner a migraine sufferer starts improving stress levels, the quicker the pain will begin to lessen.

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