Does Laser Treatment for Acne Work?

For individuals with acne that seems to be unresponsive to prescription medication, over-the-counter creams and alternative treatments – there is another option. Doctors are now using laser treatments to clear up light, moderate and severe cases of acne in patients. Performed typically under anesthesia as an outpatient procedure, the laser treatment is over quickly and may clear acne quite nicely.

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How Do Laser Treatments Work?

There are a few different types of laser treatments physicians use to clear up acne. However, they work in the same ways. The lasers kill the bacteria that cause acne, while also shrinking the sebaceous glands that produce too much oil. This oil is often the main cause of whiteheads and blackheads on the skin.

Studies have shown that laser treatment can be more effective at clearing acne and keeping it away than any over the counter cream available.

Are Laser Treatments Safe?

There is no evidence to suggest that laser treatments are unsafe, and the only complications one will experience are the typical side effects that occur with the laser treatments. Some individuals use the laser treatment once while others have received follow-up treatments for months without any serious or lasting side effects.

Expected Side Effects

With laser treatments, there are some side effects you should expect. While they’re a bit different with each person, the most common side effects include redness on the face, sore skin, shiny skin, oozing and bleeding, and other common symptoms one would find with surgery. However, these symptoms typically go away within a few days to a week, leaving the smooth, fresh skin behind. The doctor may prescribe some pain medication to get you through until the treatment site is healed.

Choose a Doctor

It’s quite important to choose a doctor that is a certified laser treatment surgeon. One great way to get in touch with a good laser treatment doctor is to ask your general physician for a referral. He or she should be able to give you the name of a certified, reputable doctor. If you know anyone else who has had laser surgery with great results, you may want to get a recommendation from them as well.

Other Things Laser Treatments Will Help

Aside from the acne, patients who have gotten laser treatment have noticed other positive effects as well. For instance, patients with extremely oily skin and large pores have noticed that their skin is no longer oily and that their pores have become smaller, giving the skin a smoother and younger appearance. Lasers can also remove the scars from older acne, smoothing out the skin as well. Individuals receive laser treatments for fine lines and wrinkles as well.

By using the information above, you can determine whether laser treatments for your acne is the best choice or not.

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